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Enterprise Performance Management

Performance management is a set of activities and processes that help to develop a business strategy and align resources, processes, employees to achieve the key business objectives.

Modern technologies allow to solve the problem of abundance of fragmental chaotic data and help to integrate them into a single business’s operating system to ensure simple and fast obtaining of reliable and well-managed data.

Effective performance management offers visibility through the KPIs and convenient visual format to make transparent the company’s progress toward achieving its goals. Performance management provide an early warning of potential problems, allows promptly determine the causes of certain deviations and helps to develop an action plan to correct the processes and meet the desired business results.

The solution helps you to gain an accurate and holistic picture of the business performance through a reporting system for monitoring the overall state of the business. All reports derive operational data from the ERP system, as well as data from other sources. Management reporting system for industrial enterprises can include various business processes and areas, for example purchases and stocks, accounts payable and receivable, the state of fixed assets, the status of orders execution, and many other directions.

We provide complex solution combining intelligent business tools and financial planning capabilities, that enables you to report with confidence, measure past and current performance, and forecast future activities.

  • Integrate an information from numerous disparate data sources and provide it for analysis
  • Simplify building budgets, forecasts, and optimized operational and strategic plans
  • Create sales plans with analysis of existing trends and what-if scenarios
  • Apply several methods of analysis and modeling to obtain the most effective result
  • Build a flexible management reporting system with convenient visualization (interactive dashboards, graphs, charts, maps)
  • Manage complex ownership structures, multiple currencies, and inter-company transactions
  • Utilize highly formatted standard and flexible self-service reporting

The solution is based on Infor d/EPM and integration platform Infor OS.