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Enterprise Asset Management

The key to the success of enterprises operating a large number of technologically complex equipment, such as oil and gas chemical industries, mining enterprises, energy companies, agricultural complexes, is the construction of an effective system for managing the reliability and maintenance of assets. A well-built management system works for the future and improves operational efficiency, significantly reduce production costs and the cost of maintaining fixed assets.


Equipment maintenance and reliability management

The IPL Consulting solution for equipment maintenance and reliability management allows you to use a variety of maintenance and repair management strategies, such as: reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance. The solution outline covers all functional areas of maintenance and repair management – manpower, inventory management, procurement, planning and scheduling, contractor management, project management, inspections, work safety management, non-compliance management, the solution outline also includes call center functionality significantly increasing the level of service provided by the Maintenance team.

The equipment maintenance and reliability management solution covers the following processes:

  • maintaining a “digital passport” of equipment
  • high-quality maintenance of the equipment database and Master data
  • Maintenance team work planning of specified horizon
  • works scheduling with allocation by performer
  • checklists for various roles
  • accounting of the actual performance of work and maintaining the history of work orders
  • planning and execution controlling of inspections of the current state of equipment
  • fixing the inspections results
  • nonconformities and audits management
  • classification and equipment hierarchy in accordance with ISO 55000

  • analysis of types, causes, consequences and criticality of equipment failures
  • transparent and accurate accounting of spare parts and materials for Maintenance team purposes
  • optimization of purchases and stock levels in maintenance warehouses
  • work cost tracking with a breakdown by various cost centers
  • work safety ensuring
  • incident management (RCA + PDCA)
  • permit to work management
  • LOTO procedure
  • equipment reliability data management in accordance with the principles of ISO 14224

IPL Consulting provides Asset Performance Management solution for managing the performance of physical assets, such as buildings and constructions, production equipment, utility equipment, fleet, network assets, linear assets.