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Performance Optimization

Maximizing Your ERP System’s Efficiency

At IPL Consulting, we understand that the efficiency of your ERP system is vital for your business operations. We specialize in Performance Optimization services, ensuring that your Infor LN system runs at peak performance, resulting in increased productivity and a smoother workflow. Our team of experts is equipped to address standard performance issues and offer tailored solutions to enhance your ERP experience.

Standard Performance Issues

  • Registration and Order Processing: Lengthy delays in registering and processing orders in both warehouse and production environments can hinder your business operations.
  • Production Planning: Creating or shifting production plans should be efficient, but when it takes too long, it impacts your overall productivity.
  • Report Generation: Waiting for reports to generate within the system can be time-consuming, affecting decision-making.
  • Session Delays: Delayed opening of sessions and slow data display on screens can frustrate users.
  • Data Upload/Download: Sluggish data transfer to and from the system can result in inefficiencies.
  • Regular Job Processing: Extended processing times for routine jobs can disrupt daily operations.
  • Database Growth: Uncontrolled database growth can lead to performance degradation over time.

Our Approach to Performance Optimization

Business and System Analysis

Our rich knowledge in business and system analysis enables us to optimize your Infor LN setup effectively. We analyze various aspects, including:

  • Unused Concepts: Identifying and eliminating unused concepts that contribute to system overhead.
  • Performance-related Settings and Tools: Tweaking settings and leveraging performance tools.
  • Additional Steps in Procedures: Streamlining processes by removing unnecessary steps.
  • Narrowing Selection Ranges: Optimizing queries by narrowing data selection.
  • Using Jobs: Implementing jobs to automate tasks and improve efficiency.
  • Data Cleanup: Cleaning up redundant or obsolete data.
  • Cleaning History: Managing historical data to reduce database load.

IT Infrastructure and Database Analysis

We thoroughly assess your IT infrastructure, database performance, query optimization, and source code. Our experts pinpoint bottlenecks in your system and provide tailored solutions.

Collaboration and Preventive Measures

  • We collaborate closely with Infor’s support team to ensure timely issue resolution.
  • We offer recommendations for preventing performance issues in the future.
  • Our team provides consulting services to guide your development team in creating customizations that won’t compromise performance.

Our Expertise Covers

  • Versions: We optimize performance for all versions from Baan IV up to Infor LN, including Cloud Edition versions.
  • Databases: We work with both Oracle DB and MS SQL Server tools.
  • Sizing and Server Equipment: We help with sizing and selecting the right server equipment for optimal performance.
  • Job/Task Scheduling: We optimize the scheduling of system and application jobs/tasks.
  • Data Archiving: We can implement data archiving projects to manage data growth.

Actual Project Examples

Issue: LN 10.2.1, Oracle Database

  • Logistical operations had low performance.
  • Registration, order processing, and production order closing were slow.


  • Optimized resource-intensive queries in the database.
  • Identified and rectified customization that was causing overload.
  • Revised the business process for closing production orders.
  • Adjusted the LN setup to eliminate unnecessary data.
  • Implemented an Archiving Project.

Issue: LN 10.4, MS SQL Database

  • Completing Work Orders took over 20 minutes.


  • Identified improper LN setup and hardware restrictions.
  • Provided recommendations for optimizing performance.

Issue: LN 10.4, Oracle Database

  • Warehousing operations and planned order transfers had low performance.
  • Data loading into the purchase registry was time-consuming.


  • Optimized resource-intensive database queries.
  • Adjusted LN setup.
  • Provided optimization for localization sessions.
  • Resulted in a performance increase of over 5 times.

Issue: LN 10.6, Oracle Database

  • Slow data scrolling in production sessions.
  • Hanging during Production Planning shifts.
  • Lengthy rebuilding of planned inventory operations.


  • Modified LN setup.
  • Implemented PMC-solutions to enhance performance.
  • Resulted in a performance increase of over 10 times.

Additional Services

In addition to performance optimization, we offer a range of complementary services to ensure your ERP system operates at its best:

  • Optimization of remote user access.
  • Streamlining daily system administrator tasks.
  • Recommendations and implementation of security system optimization.
  • Recommendations and setup for fault tolerance systems.
  • Guidance on data backup strategies.

At IPL Consulting, we are committed to maximizing the potential of your Infor LN ERP system. Contact us today to discuss your performance optimization needs and unlock the full efficiency of your ERP investment.