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Planning & scheduling

Our solutions help our customers to modernize business processes, reduce production costs, accurately fulfill obligations for the execution and shipment of orders.

Effective planning system and synchronization of the work of all divisions help manufacturers to:

  • Reduce the level of unfinished production
  • Ensure high level of completeness and timely delivery of units to the assembly site of finished products
  • Shorten lead-time
  • Reduce production stocks

The solution supports for multiple manufacturing models such as MTS, MTO ETO, CTO, ATO and covers three planning horizons:

  • Master Production Schedule (MPS)
  • Materials Planning (procurement)
  • Scheduling (production orders)

Usually customer-focused manufacturing companies use several types of production, including Manufacturing-to-Stock (MTS).

IPL Consulting solutions based on Infor LN allow to implement various scenarios of production planning and management.

The main business processes that the Planning solution covers are:

  • Creation of a unified planning system for the working design documentation development, procurement, and production
  • Forecasting and modeling the demand for the company’s products
  • The planned date definition of finished products shipment just in time of product ordering in accordance with production restrictions
  • Planning the project’s resource needs (in case of project production)
  • Volume-scheduling production planning
  • Updating master-data
  • Building of specification for critical capacities and materials
  • Calculation of the planned capacity utilization
  • The planned load of work centers analysis
  • Modeling of the production restrictions
  • Planning activities for the enterprise production capacity increasing
  • Production capacity planning with load leveling according to planning periods
  • Terms calculation and their analysis for the finished products release
  • Quotas formation for periods of the medium-term planning horizon (maximum possible products output volumes)
  • Nomenclature plans building for production and procurement
  • Custom manufacturing plans tracking
  • Remapping management for stocks and deliveries usage
  • Calculation of the Labor-intensity of execution of the plan

Production orders dispatching and efficient management:

  • Control of the production orders supply with materials and components
  • Alternative replacements usage
  • Demand planning and tool management
  • Stock management during engineering changes
  • Work Orders appointment (workers/labor appointment)

Production resource management in the process of dispatching:

  • Operations progress analysis and shift of operations
  • Analysis and work centers load leveling
  • Step by step operational control of the production state
  • Work centers working time schedule changes (calendar of a specific work center) due to the use of overtime work and days off
  • Analysis of equipment load
  • Rescheduling operations by time and by equipment units using function “drag and drop operation”.
  • Control of the transfer batch management
  • Bottleneck management
  • Operations accounting, bar-coding