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Dunav Press optimizes current business processes with the new version of Infor LN

Ruse —November, 2022 — Dunav Press JSC, the leading printing house in the Balkans, a manufacturer of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, has successfully migrated to new version of the Infor LN ERP system with the support of IPL Consulting, Infor Silver Channel Partner.

With a capacity of 650 million boxes per year, the company ranks among the top 10 manufacturers of packaging for pharmaceutical industry in Europe, with a share of products’ exports above 70 %.

The company with the 150 years of business history has passed through a complete technological and equipment upgrade for the last 5 years. All processes from the moment of accepting the customer’s orders to the output of the finished product and all related processes have been improved and digitized.

Dunav Press production has been managed with Infor LN ERP for more than 20 years. Migration to newer version of Infor LN with more powerful functionality allows Dunav Press to optimize current business processes. Thanks to cutting-edge technology which is already built-in the ERP system updates, Dunav Press get closer to the digital transformation.

“We are well aware that in order to serve high-quality pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Sanofi and Teva, and supply our products to their factories throughout Europe, continuous development and investment is required not only in equipment, but also in production management technologies.  We successfully compete with leading European packaging manufacturers and are confident that Infor’s new technologies for production management will provide the necessary support for our company’s leadership positions”, – Nikolay Alexiev, Executive Director at Dunav Press AD.

The comprehensive Dunav Press solution provides end-to-end business processes for Master Data management, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and Manufacturing management including interface with in house developed optimizing application. Solution supports production management and helps optimize the planning of production operations queue for each type of machine.

The new version of Infor LN ensures the basis for further improvement of the enterprise management processes and help to build a proactive management system supporting workflows with incident notifications, provides modern integration platform for seamless integration with third-party applications.

All the features of the Bulgarian legal and business traditional requirements in accounting and financial statements were reflect and developed in the system in compliance with the tax policy.

The migration project took 11 months and transformed the current processes and customization of the Infor LN system as Cloud Ready to the further transition of the Dunav Press ERP system to the Infor LN Cloud Suite platform. The migration to the Cloud Suite is scheduled to start in 2022 and industry customizations of the Dunav Press solution will form the basis of Cloud Suite solution for the packaging industry.