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Infor is one of the 10 most powerful ERP vendors

CIO portal, that provides expert analysis, strategy and advice for technology leaders, put together their list of the 10 most powerful ERP vendors. CIO experts recognized Infor as one of the leading ERP vendors.

When compiling the list, CIO considered the size of the vendor, but also evaluated vendors on their cloud strategy and how their vision for the future of ERP is shaping the market.

Why Infor: With annual revenue north of $3 billion and a market share in the 5-6% range, Infor is in the top tier of ERP vendors. It offers the full breadth of ERP offerings across industries and, as a legacy vendor, has made the transition to cloud. Infor differentiates itself with industry-specific ERP modules and a multi-tenant cloud platform hosted on AWS. Infor’s CloudSuites is rated as a leader by Gartner in the category of ERP for product-centric enterprises.

Today, companies embracing digital transformation seek the flexibility, agility, speed, and remote access to applications that comes with cloud-based systems. They are looking ahead to composable ERP, an approach based on the concept of running apps on highly configurable, interoperable, and flexible software platforms.

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