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POLYSAN maintains high quality standards with Infor LN

Migration to the new version of ERP Infor LN expanded the functionality and integration capabilities of the solution, provided continued support for GMP standards and compliance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, and form the basis for the digital transformation of the POLYSAN LTD business.

POLYSAN LTD, one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in Eastern Europe with a 30-year history of successful development and more than 1,000 employees, has completed the migration to a new version of the Infor LN ERP solution.

Management of the POLYSAN modern high-tech production has been carried out with the help of Infor LN for more than 15 years. The enterprise is constantly evolving and improving the quality of business processes, and each update of the Infor LN system meets the requirements of modernized enterprise processes.

The functionality of the Infor LN has been modified to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production processes and is suitable for production management of finished dosage forms. The system supports the automation of planning processes, management of operational production, purchases, sales, logistics, quality and service.

In the second half of 2021, we approached the implementation of the migration to the new version of Infor LN 10.7. We needed to expand the functionality of the system, get an improved interface, and most importantly, get powerful integration capabilities. With the help of Infor’s partner, IPL Consulting Group, we managed to implement the project in 7 months and build a digital platform based on Infor LN to support the development and transformation of our business

Dmitry Sukhachev

There are currently 340 active users in the system. The solution implements processes for production planning and the formation of a production program that meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production. As part of the current planning process, a chain of orders for a full production cycle is formed for each unique manufactured product series and automatic assignment of series as well as full end-to-end traceability is ensured.

Infor LN ERP system meets high GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, which impose strict requirements on quality traceability processes. The solution provides a high level of quality management for the entire production process: incoming control of purchased inventory and raw materials, step-by-step control in production and automatic electronic report generation on the series. Automatic control of expiration dates is also carried out.

The maintenance and repair management module supports the automation of service maintenance processes for high-tech key production equipment, which ensures uninterrupted operations and prevents unplanned downtime.

Infor LN is the basis of the company’s production system and provides unified end-to-end business processes, including integration with Infor SCM WM warehouse management system, human capital management, accounting, document workflow management systems and information system of state health surveillance.

Design and description of the target business processes and role model and differentiation of access rights are performed using specialized modules DEM and AMS.

“We are constantly improving and developing our business, and we need a solution that contributes to the effective management of pharmaceutical production with high requirements for product quality. The solution based on Infor LN provides the necessary functionality and flexibility, seamless integration with third-party applications, and at the same time forms the basis for digital transformation of POLYSAN,” adds Dmitry Sukhachev


POLYSAN is a modern pharmaceutical company with a strong scientific base and its own high-tech production, fitted with equipment from leading world manufacturers. The company’s medicines are sold in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Mongolia. POLYSAN produces over 20 types of active pharmaceutical ingredients, tablets, solutions in ampoules, infusion solutions in glass and in polymer containers.
A high level of technological equipment, an international quality system and modern automated production lines have allowed the company to become a contract manufacturing partner for the pharmaceutical leaders as Bayer, Pfizer and STADA.

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