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Rotair Chooses Infor Cloud ERP to Support Growth and Internationalization

Rotair, an Italian company active in the production and support of customized compressed air solutions for civil engineering and constructions, hydraulic breakers and tracked mini dumpers, has successfully implemented Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), to optimize processes management and operations across the companies of the group.

With the aim of extending its presence into new foreign markets, in 2012 Rotair became part of the ELGI group, world leader in electric air compressors for all industries. The entry into the international group and the growth of the company over the years have highlighted the limitations of the ERP system previously in use.

Rotair needed a solution that would support international expansion and be streamlined, flexible and easy to implement. Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise was found to meet its expansion needs. The CloudSuite, with the ERP solution Infor LN at its core, offers features designed to meet the specific needs of industrial manufacturing companies: rapid implementation, automatic updates and integration into the production department and supply chain of tools of financial management, quality, service, and orders.

The deployment took place in 2020, and exceeded all expectations, ensuring operations from the first day of activity with Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise. Today, the company benefits from an efficient system, which allows users to have complete visibility into operations and easy access from any device and anywhere, optimizing decision-making processes even for distributed work groups. The cloud also offers a high level of security and great ease of updating, which does not affect the functioning of the system.

One of the project objectives was to make Rotair the first company of the group able to communicate with the other branches through a common system. Once live in Italy, Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise was made available to ELGI Europe, which is responsible for the distribution of electric compressors at European level, with which Rotair now shares the operations part. In the future, the integration of Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise into the US branch is planned, with the aim of extending the dialogue with offices in Australia, the Middle East, South America and Asia. The cloud solution allows users to easily manage the different types of companies in the group, whether they focus on production, assembly or distribution all over the world.

The key users of the system actively participated in the deployment, bringing their knowledge and developing new skills thanks to the functions offered by the system.

We are pleased to have chosen Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise. The company’s uninterrupted operations have always been guaranteed, and we were able to issue the first invoice regularly on the first day of the go-live. We are still evolving with the system, but the advantages in terms of efficiency, flexibility and security were immediately evident

Luca Degiovanni
Rotair’s marketing and communications manager

Implementing Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise in a multi-tenant cloud was undoubtedly an important evolutionary step in Rotair’s operating model. In today’s challenging market, implementation in a multi-tenant cloud environment offers the level of flexibility, scalability and security needed to be competitive, reduce business complexity and increase productivity.