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Why Lesto Product moving to the Cloud

Infor ERP cloud solution help the Bulgarian metal products manufacturer to achieve a more efficient execution of business processes and further improve synchronization among departments

Lesto Product, a major Bulgarian manufacturer of metal products with a production base of over 8,500 sq. m., almost completed migrating to Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise from the Infor LN on-premises ERP application.

Learn more about Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise:

Infor has been supporting the successful development of the company since 2012 through the Infor LN on-premises ERP. Lesto Product decided to migrate to the new cloud version, Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, because it’s valuable for the company to use continually updated functional and technological improvements with no need to upgrade.

The project of migration was started in Q2 of 2022 and is managed by IPL Consulting Group, an Infor Silver Channel Partner, a provider of wide range of IT services for industrial companies in Eastern Europe.

Now, the stages of the initial assessment and preparation of the infrastructure, the configuration of Infor applications and test migrations have already been completed, the final stage of the project, active migration, is underway.

Data migration from Infor LN FP7 was fulfilled using standard data upgrade engine with saving all operational history from the very beginning.

Transition to New Multisite concept was fulfilled, that gives the ability to use Infor LN Scheduler and standard dashboards in future.  Working procedures for key users have been updated and tested. All work instructions were adapted in accordance with new capabilities. Lesto IT department uses Infor Report Designer for operative Report Personalization. Some of the customizations developed in FP 7 have been replaced by the standard functionality of the new version using personalization functions.

Lesto Product has already been able to appreciate the benefits of cloud ERP.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise ERP solution will help Lesto Product focus on the production processes, because all the application’s functions updates are in the background, so there is no need now to involve external consultants or spend time of own IT specialists.

Advanced BI LN Analytics allow to monitor KPI’s in different functional areas, especially in Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing processes, in real time and reduces the risks of weak decisions.

The implementation of new technological platform Infor OS powers the entire enterprise by bringing collaboration, analytics, integration, mobility, and document management into one platform.

Infor OS provides ability to drill back to specific business objects directly to ERP and internal social network Infor Ming.le allows to share objects for quick interaction between departments.

Infor Home pages and widgets aggregate the information the user needs on one page, which allows users to quickly navigate the current situation and make the right decisions.

Embedded Document management capabilities allow users to accumulate and effectively manage such documents as drawings, specifications, instructions as a part of the business processes and provide end-to-end traceability of documents linked to specific business-objects, first of all, purchased and manufactured items.

Infor CloudSuite delivers a user experience that meets everyone’s needs. Improved interface provide capabilities of personalization of sessions, toolbars, reporting and conditional formatting.

Always using the latest functionalities and library of industry business-processes will be a basis for further Lesto Product projects in the quality improvement area. Cloud-based ERP solution will allow to spend less time and money managing Lesto own IT infrastructure and will provide with necessary security and reliability.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), will provide Lesto Product with visibility of productivity and cost controls across the organization, further improve synchronization among departments and optimize business processes of sales and procurement, production planning and scheduling, production management, warehousing and finance management.