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Infor Birst

Infor Birst is a cloud business intelligence and analytics platform that enables centralized and decentralized teams to collaborate around a shared version of the truth by unifying IT-managed enterprise data with user-owned data.

Infor Birst automates the process of preparing data and adds an adaptive user experience for business users that works across any device. Birst’s unique networked analytics technology enables centralized and Birst provides both easy-to-use data preparation capabilities for self-service as well as the powerful data integration technologies required by IT. Pre-built industry and role-specific content and metrics make data and analytics easy to consume.

Modern enterprise-class architecture provides flexible and business-centric data management

Birst’s cloud architecture is focused on supporting any user to take their analysis in any direction. Infor Birst can be deployed in public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises. This approach is secure, scalable, adaptable to changing business needs and:

  • Allows to connect live data or extract data from multiple sources including big data due to automated AI-powered data integration
  • Provides patented automated building of business-ready data store, an integrated data lake and API gateway
  • Ensures a low total cost of ownership, rapid deployment, automated zero-cost, zero-pain upgrades, programmatic life cycle management, and standards-based, completely open integration

To overcome the speed and data source changing challenges, Infor Birst introduced patented Automated Data Refinement (ADR), a complete extraction ion transformation and loading (ETL) language, and smart data change detection to enable enterprises to create an agile semantic layer that adapts at the speed of business today.

Birst’s architecture enables IT teams to build production-scale analytical applications that deliver business value daily and greatly reduce administrative costs.

Networked BI connects centralized and decentralized teams with governance

Birst’s Networked BI is a new approach to delivering data-as-a-service (DaaS) based on the idea that trusted and well-governed data is not at odds with speed and ease of use.

A fundamental capability of Networked BI is multitenancy, which enables the creation of virtual—not physical—BI tenants that relate to each other.

Networked BIallows business teams, such as finance, customer support, sales and marketing to work on their own, while staying networked to a central, governed data set. Teams can use their virtual copies of the high-performance data tier to gain access to centralized data and blend that with their local data and spreadsheets.

Adaptive user interface supports all styles of business intelligence and analytics

Birst delivers a user experience that meets everyone’s needs by supporting all the different styles of analytics, including visual data discovery, interactive and responsive dashboards, pixel-perfect enterprise reporting, native and offline mobile, smart analytics, and self-service data preparation fully integrated with the centralized data provided by IT.
Birst provides an Open Client Interface that allows organizations to utilize other analytic clients like Excel, or third-party desktop discovery tools, to access the Birst semantic layer, bringing better security and governance to these tools.
Infor Birst allows to create an adaptive interface where any user can automatically surface new, personalized insights, with AI-powered BI, and easily interact with business data to make better decisions.