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Infor CPQ

Infor CPQ  is a visual, rules-based configure-price-quote software for manufacturers that integrates with ERP and CRM and provides accurate, and fast selection of product configuration, pricing, and quoting.

Infor CPQ supports sales processes for discrete manufacturing industries, from interest generation and leads capture, through quoting, conversion in order and customer order fulfillment. Infor CPQ  gives manufacturers and distributors the tools to streamline the selling and production of configured products and helps increase revenue. 

Sales teams utilize CPQ functionality to drive further value from optimizing pricing and discounting to better align with overarching goals and sales strategies. 

Infor CPQ delivers industry-specific capabilities without extensive customizations or integrations by combining Infor OS and the Infor cloud platform built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Infor CPQ makes it easier to:

  • Quote of products, add-ons, and services for any enterprise user allows to present a single, integrated quote to the customer.
  • Accelerate new product introductions and easily create new product offerings, rolling out for sales new product’s features and pricing automatically, according to an exact plan.
  • Offer high-margin features that improve the profit-per-sale. During selection, configuration, and pricing, reps can see the projected profit, so they can make suggestions that meet margin objectives and customer requirements.
  • Dynamically create bill of materials (BOM) and kitted packing instructions on the fly and integrate them with an ERP system to store these instructions with the fulfillment process
  • Generate 2D drawings and 3D models of products and assemblies to clearly show the final assembly area what to build to reduce errors

Market recognition

Infor CPQ recognized as Leader in Nucleus Research Value Matrix 2020 report

Nucleus Research evaluated multiple CPQ solutions based on their usability and functionality, as well as the value that customers realized from each product’s capabilities. Infor CPQ is targeted at manufacturing industries but enables sales, quoting and configuration across a multitude of industry verticals.

Infor CPQ opportunities for enterprises:

A single solution across the enterprise – Infor CPQ centralize access to applications, using single sign-on, providing real-time, organization-wide end-to-end visibility to streamline communication

Faster complex sales closing – Infor CPQ provides customers with a visual, fast, accurate, and collaborative experience during their engagement, that helps to sell products quicker by eliminating costly errors and duplication of effort, while speeding up the sales cycle.

Growth of the number of opportunities Infor CPQ allows to generate more quotes through an intuitive and efficient quoting solution, engage a potential buyer fast and keep them engaged by building on his initial interest with a strong visual story.

Shortened quote-to-delivery times to meet customer requirements – Infor CPQ automatically creates accurate proposals and downstream fulfillment information to smoothly guide a customer through the buying process reducing  pre production processes before manufacturing can begin.

Visual configuration for transforming the sales cycle into unique and personalized experience

Infor CPQ brings products to life through interactive, dynamic, real-time, 3D engagement. Customers can pick the options they want—from the simplest to the most complex configurations—then generate reliable specifications, obtain estimates, and place their order. The solution generates standard and unique SKUs, accurate bills of material, routings, shop orders, CAD drawings, and model assemblies based on the user’s input— versus an awkward, time-consuming back and forth between the customer and the design/engineering teams. 

Infor CPQ supports:

  • 3D interactive model creation
  • 2D parametric drawing generation
  • 3D CAD assemblies and shop drawings creation
  • Augmented reality experience

By empowering customers to customize products and generate their own quotes and orders, Infor CPQ helps to build brand, accelerate the quoting process, and remove the friction and delays from the sale.