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Infor IBP

Infor Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a next-generation end-to-end solution that combines traditional sales and operations planning (S&OP) functionality with collaboration and synchronization capabilities of sales with business strategy, operational management and financial performance.

Infor IBP provides basic analytics and data visibility, process execution visibility, cost control and efficient supply chain management.

All this allows the company to respond more quickly and more accurately to market changes.

Infor Integrated Business Planning features:

  • Synchronization of planning and operations, ensuring cross-functional planning and effective communication in all divisions of the company
  • Process transparency and timely notification of constraints in sources, stocks, storage, transportation, labor and distribution
  • Clear data structuring and real-time analytics 
  • Providing unified supply and demand data for all functionally and geographically dispersed business units 
  • High efficiency in making quality decisions and quick response to market fluctuations
  • Management of complex supply chains, including geographically dispersed business units, to reduce costs and increase productivity across the company

The solution optimizes supply chain management by integrating core SCM processes such as sales and operations planning (S&OP), demand planning (DP), and supply planning (SP) into a single, holistic solution.

S&OP Sales and Operations Planning

  • Synchronizing the imbalance of supply and demand
  • Coordination of actions of participants in the process from different departments
  • Analyze different scenarios to overcome the challenges of capacity and allocation constraints, new product introductions, and changes in performance metrics

SP supply planning

  • Value chain management and analysis
  • Real-time transparency of processes to create scenarios that take into account different business cycles and demand peaks
  • Optimizing key supply chain variables such as capacity, materials, inventory, and distribution constraints

DP Demand Planning

  • Data visualization and analytics to simultaneously create and compare multiple statistical forecast models
  • Customizable alerts for flexible forecasting
  • Collaborative planning with sales, finance, operations, customers and trading partners

Infor Integrated Business Planning helps you create a single strategic plan that covers all business needs and aligns with your company’s operational capabilities by ensuring cross-functional collaboration and visibility into demand, supply, and financial data.