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DAB PUMPS is one of the world leaders in designing, manufacturing, and sales of highly efficient and user-friendly pumps and pumping stations for both home and industrial use in such segments as water supply, heating, air conditioning, firefighting, irrigation, and drainage. The international DAB PUMPS Group has 6 production sites and branches in 14 countries.

Since 2014, DAB PUMPS has been using the Infor LN and Infor OS-based solution as a global management and planning system for every business unit of the group. The global IT system supports the unification of the manufacturing, procurement, sales, and logistics management processes on the international level and it provides flexibility and rapid response of business processes to any change.

On March 2020, with the support of IPL Consulting, one of the divisions of DAB PUMPS successfully migrated to the Infor LN 10.7 new release. Setting up the functionality of the Infor LN ERP system, the data migration and support of the industrial launch were carried out by IPL Consulting specialists, Infor’s Gold Partner.

The DAB PUMPS corporate solution, based on Infor LN support of the management and planning of sales and purchasing on a global level, secures integration of branches with the parent company in terms of demand needed for production planning, as well as the data concerning expected supplies. The system enables calculating delivery time for the customers by taking into account available resources, planned production timing and product delivery, and allows to manage the order priorities by their date of receipt. The product sales and delivery management covers integration with 3PL operators’ warehouses.

In the Infor LN financial block, international accounting methods were implemented supported by IPL Consulting experts. In May 2020, the quarterly accounting and tax reports were prepared with the help of reports and analytics generated in the new version of Infor LN.

The updated version of Infor LN enhances the level of convenience of interaction with the corporate system DAB PUMPS. Users can make their own changes into the report forms, and many overview forms were implemented allowing to find and analyze the data in one stop.

Upon completion of the transition to Infor LN 10.7, DAB PUMPS globally considers the possibility included into the new release: that of moving corporate business applications to the cloud services provided by Infor.

IPL Consulting is involved in maintaining and developing the DAB PUMPS ERP system since 2014. This project is the second migration; the preceding project was realized in 2015 on Infor LN 10.4 release.