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Business Process Engineering

Core business processes that add value to the organization require continuous process improvement.

Our expertise assists our clients achieve innovative and cost-effective business processes while increasing revenue and reducing errors.

Legacy inefficient processes causes delays of customer orders execution and financial loss. We embrace business process re-engineering in our projects and optimize processes that don’t work properly before implementing or upgrading manufacturing management software.

Our projects are primarily aimed at the main indicators of the efficiency:

  • Terms of order execution (from order acceptance to shipment or delivery to the customer)
  • Throughput
  • Cost
  • Percentage of Defective (Scrap) Products
  • The level of non-production stocks and work-in-progress
  • The number of unplanned equipment downtime
  • The level of MRO costs

Process improvement stage involves analyzing of existing business processes and recommendations for process re-engineering to meet industry standards.

We help to identify the processes requiring changes and develop a roadmap for the transition to improved processes, that compliance industry best practice.

Implementing ERP system with build in industry best practice and defined business processes not only helps streamline and optimize an organization’s operations, but also sets the foundation for continuous process improvement and efficiency.