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Industry functionalities of Infor LN solution were created to manage most of core discrete manufacturing enterprise production operations, however it’s hard to find two plants that are exactly the same in their processes. Every company have unique processes that reflect on its competitive position and create new benefits. Our approach for implementation is similar with Infor one. Each organization has about 60 % standard core business processes, 30 % should be configurate in accordance with best industry practices and about 10% processes should be developed to meet its unique business needs.

We help you develop extensions to reflect your needs and reach advantages.

  • IPL Consulting team comprises 18 developers with extensive experience in LN Development for over 15 years.
  • IPL Consulting develops its own ERP LN extended functionality in accordance with LN Cloud requirements
  • Our developer’s team has been using Infor Cloud Extensibility since 2015
  • IPL Consulting is one of the few Infor Partners around the world who collaborates with the Infor LN Core Development (localization)
  • IPL Consulting specialists have unique expertise (even for Infor Partners all over the world) of working to LN HTML5 Workbench Development toolset

LN extensibility allows develop the last-mile functionality for your organization without changing the core standard software components and using only the public interfaces of the standard application. Upgrading the standard software does not result on Extensions. Infor suggests several ways to analyze ERP data providing business intelligence apps connecting data across the enterprise to drive smarter decision-making. Learn more information about Infor d/EPM and Infor Birst.

However, there may be a number of situations where you can’t get the information right way. Special knowledge or skills may be required to be able to extract, combine and format data, etc.

Our developers have rich experience in Report development and can eliminate these problems by means of:

  • Infor LN Tools
  • Infor Reporting 
  • Infor BI 11 and Infor d/EPM 12+
  • HiDox Form Designer for Infor LN
  • Report Generation solution XML-to-PDF (HTML)
  • LN Analytics Cloud (Birst) extension

Unique skills of our specialists allow us to develop Reporting system of any complexity for the requirements of each level of management from the functional manager to the Enterprise TOP management.