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Business continuously need to extanding and unifying processes across all the enterprise, combing information from disconnected systems, reducing execution time and error rate.

Integration experience of IPL Consulting team and great skills in Infor technical tools deliver productivity across the customer’s enterprise ecosystem.

Infor provides a comprehensive set of components to securely connect disparate systems across the enterprise ecosystem.

  • A single managed proxy layer for your APIs on the Internet
  • Industry-specific security standards, such as Oauth2
  • The ability to extend the API without compromising the main processes
  • The ability to link your APIs to implement new complex functions
  • Automation of complex ecosystem management processes
  • Hybrid integrations with third-party clouds using the API
  • Boost performance due to innovative features

We help to create new automation for disconnected systems and processes using all available Infor integration tools.

IPL Consulting experience in Infor LN integration with various customer software:

  • Accounting solutions such as 1C, SAP, legacy
  • Equipment control (built-in, SCADA)
  • Laboratory software (LIMS) and equipment software
  • HR systems (legacy),
  • MES, APS
  • Public services software – legal EDI, electronic invoicing, currency rates, tax data of business partners

IPL Consulting Team has rich experience in integration directly with manufacturing equipment control software, e.g.:

  • Zyfra MDC plus MDC system for machining manufacturing.
  • SIEMENS-VAI (software for melting equipment, automatic closure of steel production orders in LN),
  • CORONADO LIMS (quality control, gathering of chemical composition),
  • LAEMPE SCADA (automatic release of rods and gathering workhours data),
  • HWS PDC/ALS SCADA (molding production line, release of casting’s bushes),
  • PET CAN-ENG MES (Heat Treatment equipment, release of castings serial numbers, gathering QM parameters),
  • Danobat MES (release of wheel pairs, report serial numbers consumed, label printing (Bartender)