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Choosing IPL Consulting as an Infor ERP implementation partner ensure you:

  • Prompt and reliable deployment
  • Cost-effective deployment methodology
  • Minimizing risks and raising the value of implementation
  • High qualify supported deployment
  • Well defined business processes

Successfully implementing Infor Solutions involves well defined business processes, laid-out requirements, and clear strategic objectives, what help to avoid delays and loss of financials not only in implementation stage but at post go-live work. Good performance of the implementation process needs proof implementation methodologies and practices and accelerating tools.

The IPL Consulting team has extensive experience and deep knowledge in the field of Infor implementation practices and Infor tools, such as Infor Deployment Method, Dynamic Enterprise Modeler, Infor Implementation Accelerator.

Infor Deployment Method (IDM)

The Infor Deployment Method (IDM) is a unified implementation methodology used for all Infor cloud, hosted, and on-premises implementation projects. It allows us to well structure interactions with the Customer within the project to boost involving the Customers team and eliminate uncertainty due to his consistent involvement at all stages of the project deployment. IDM helps us be efficient in Project governance keeps projects on budget, reducing implementation risks and increasing the likelihood of success.

This methodology has accumulated knowledge from over 5000 implementations and 10 years of continuous research and development. The Infor Deployment Method coves Project Management Process and Implementation Process.

The Project Management Process prescribes the processes, methods and sequence of stages of project management and includes Initiation and Planning, Execution Monitoring and Control, and Closure.

The Implementation Process has five phases— Inception, Elaboration, Construction, Transition, and Optimize.

Infor Deployment Method is tightly aligned with the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge. As a result, it complies with globally recognized best project management practices.

Infor LN Dynamic Enterprise Modeling (DEM)

Infor LN Dynamic Enterprise Modeling (DEM) tools help identify and structure the company’s information and goods flow using Business Control Diagrams and Business Processes.

We use the DEM tool to create business models and to define roles and official powers in a system. DEM use to build a kernel project model and from this create site-specific project models.

The DEM Content Pack is a generic DEM model and includes highest level of preconfigured business scenarios which are combined to form a functionally rich model that can be configured to match the company’s needs. The implementation is built from business processes to the working sessions. 

The industry-specific reference models of the processes included in the Infor LN DEM Content Pack are developed driven by the experience of the largest LN customers and using DEM (Dynamic Enterprise Modeling) and reference process models.

Infor LN DEM Content Pack allows you:

  • To get access to ready-made business processes during implementation and roll them out by changing ready-made standard business processes, rather than designing them anew   
  • To speed up the configuration of the project model of processes and systems to meet the requirements of the customer’s business
  • The efficiency of implementation is significantly increased due to the use of end-to-end business scenarios (cumulative sets of business processes used to achieve the specified goals)

Infor Implementation Accelerator

Infor Implementation Accelerator is a set of preconfigured software, services, education, and tools, offering a streamlined implementation process that delivers benefits in months, not years, and providing a foundation for expanded features you’ll need as your business evolves. They are designed to deliver certain core industry application processes, along with reduced implementation times, risks and costs.

Infor Implementation Accelerator can deliver the value and benefits faster and more cost-effectively of Infor solutions migration to the Cloud, helping projects be close to on time and on budget.